Installing Google Fonts in Linux

Installing Google Fonts in Linux

Google fonts are really awesome. This article guides you through step by step process of installing Google Fonts on your Ubuntu system.

Typecather is an utility which let's you to browse and install Google fonts for offline use. Means you can now use your favourite fonts like Muli, Roboto etc.,

Here are the steps to install typecatcher in ubuntu:

The CLI way of installing Typecatcher in Ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

  1. Update the Repository
sudo apt update

2. Install typecatcher

sudo apt install typecatcher

Once installed, Open the Applications and launch the TypeCatcher

Here is how to choose font in TypeCatcher

  1. Select the font
  2. You can check the preview
  3. Once you're ok with the selection, Click the Install button

If the font is installed, You'll see a notification like this.

Now, You can choose that font wherever you want in the system.

Here I'm choosing the installed font in text editor.

The GUI way of installing Typecatcher in Ubuntu

Quickly open the Software center in Ubuntu and Search for typecatcher and click on the Install button.

Enter the password and you're good to go.

That's for this article. Comment your favourite Google Font.